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World demand for mining machinery production and gradually shift to China
Time:2013-10-11 02:28:30  Source:  Clicks:614  Tags:marble,granite

The major manufacturers have set up factories in China , to its main parts makers also attracted to China. China mining machinery is a major obstacle to the development of high-quality parts and components supply, now began to change .


Because the holdings of mining machinery products is sufficient to complete the project now , the current global mining machinery market is also emerging in life in a stable and conservative state of development . In 2009 there are industry experts had predicted , mining machinery will face ice age, because of oversupply , monk little more meat situation will continue to expand , at that time a lot of mining machinery enterprises have turned , and some will look to re- orient PRESS and other equipment , and will look into the construction machinery, who wanted to enter in 2010 , the construction machinery gradually decline cold , low-profit industry emerged phenomenon , industry insiders predict construction machinery will re -shuffle .


Experts believe that , from the world's mining machinery industry development trend of the future , the manufacturer can provide a "package service " capability is increasingly important. These capabilities include the ability to produce a full set of products , but also the manufacturer shall provide support in terms of purchase , because many machines sales achieved through loans .


For Chinese manufacturers, how to hold the existing export momentum and expand its advantage is an important issue facing the future . China 's total output current mining machinery 3% to 5 % for export . The main reason is the need to export many Chinese manufacturers expand their production capacity, but sales only account for about 70% of total capacity , use exports to consume excess capacity . And China's domestic products in the market price is relatively low , the profits of China's export products basically reached 300% of domestic products . In addition, in Europe and other mature markets , customers' payment ability and timeliness are better.


In the Chinese market, the world's top ten manufacturers of mining machinery accounted for about 85% of the market share , control of the whole industry is concentrated in a small number of enterprises.


Among these, China's huge demand generated by infrastructure is a major contributing factor. 2008 to 2009 , China became the world market beyond the North American market, the number of units sold in the largest mining machinery market in 2010 , China mining machinery production in the proportion of total world output reached 50 percent or license .


In the UK, the company's sales accounted for leasing the British mining machinery proportion of total sales is 75% , and 60% in North America , France and Germany were also reached 50 % and 40% . China is still far from reach this level, but after a few years , is likely to come this far