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Analysis: How to choose the stone for green home improvement points
Time:2013-10-11 02:32:05  Source:  Clicks:666  Tags:green home improvement points,stones

  wiith the people's living standards are not improving , the stone had walked into ordinary people's homes . Widely used in floor coverings , cabinets,s and furniture decoration. Central to expand domestic demand and improve the urban and rural household incomes under the guidance of favorable policies , China's per capita consumption is expected to substantially increase the stone to become the industry 's new profit growth point. Stone demand growth will be driven into the stone stone industry branded consumer era.


The choice is a green stone decoration is an important hurdle , radioactive contamination is a recessive pollution and no detection equipment we can not perceive , from another perspective, its harmfulness than formaldehyde , benzene is greater and therefore the decoration must be taken seriously .


How to choose the high quality stone


Good product for processing decorative stone , its quality can be used to identify the following four aspects :


A concept, namely the naked eye stone surface structure. In general, uniform fine structure of the stone material with a delicate texture, for the stone to share ; ranging from coarse grain structure of the stone and its appearance is poor. In addition, the stone due to the impact of geological processes which often produce some minor cracks in the stone along these areas most vulnerable to rupture , attention should be excluded. As for the lack of impact of more angular appearance, particular attention should be selected .


Two volume, ie the amount of stone sizes, so as not to affect splicing, or cause splicing patterns , patterns , lines, deformation, affecting the decorative effect.


Three , that is to listen stone percussion sounds. In general , good quality stone its clear crisp percussion ; contrary, if the stone house there is a slight crack or indirect result of weathering resulting thixotropic loose particles , then the percussion sound gruff .


Four test , which uses a simple test method to test the quality of the stone or bad. Usually drops on the back a stone pellets ink , such as ink quickly disperse leaching, which indicates the presence of stone or loose particles inside the gap , stone poor quality ; Conversely, if the ink droplets in place does not move, then the stone texture is good.


A few suggestions:


1 , stone radioactive certificate, your request to the dealer when purchasing . There was no evidence of not to buy , keeping in mind , home improvement is to use a Class A product .


2 , the choice of the marble and granite , should first consider , in normal circumstances,, marble than radioactive radioactivity.


3 , under normal circumstances , consideration should be black stone , gray, red meat, green, red, from radiological point of view, from high to low , as follows: red > green > red meat > white


China consumed within the stone is divided into three parts, namely the building inside and outside decorative plates, which is the largest part of the stone used ; followed by building stone , including Trichosanthes gardens, engineered stone ; Then there are the stone carving , stone art , tombstone products. The use of decorative stone in building the most.


Ye Hao golden travertine stone of prosperity and increased demand , making the international stone manufacturers have to invest in China , domestic stone enterprises integrate resources, and actively participate in market competition domestic stone , Chinese stone market is moving in the international stone market center forward. Has become an international stone market are an important force. In the near future the world stone production and trade centers will go to Asia, from Europe to China .


As the market demand driven , the development of China's stone industry double-digit annual growth rate. Next few years, consumer demand is still strong domestic stone , the pace of development will still remain in the double digits. In 2010 , the Chinese stone speed will slow down the development , but the stone will still maintain annual growth rate of 10% to 15%.