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Civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control
Time:2013-10-11 02:29:29  Source:  Clicks:637  Tags:stone,granite

According to the Ministry of Construction " Building Standards [ 2001 ] No. 263 on the promulgation of national standards," civil engineering indoor environmental pollution control norms "notice " requirement , GB 50325-2001 since January 1, 2002 officially official purposes , including mandatory provisions are as follows:


3.1.1 civil engineering uses inorganic nonmetallic materials, including sand , stone , brick , cement, concrete, precast and new wall materials , with its limit of radioactive indicators : internal and external photo photo index index not more than 1.0 .


3.1.2 civil engineering uses inorganic non-metallic decoration materials, including stone, building and sanitary ceramics , gypsum board, ceiling materials , with its limited number of classification criteria radioactive indicators (A class, B class ) .


3.2.1 indoors with artificial wood, formaldehyde content must be determined or free formaldehyde .


4.1.1 The construction, expansion must be carried out before the end of the measurement of radon concentration , and provide test reports.


4.2.4 The background radon concentrations above the surrounding non- tectonic fault zone 3-5 times less, should be " underground waterproof technical specifications" of a water requirements for basic processing.


4.2.5 The background radon concentrations above the surrounding non- tectonic fault zone 5 times or more , in addition to processing on the article , but also should be " new low-rise residential building design and construction guidelines for radon control " the relevant provisions , to take comprehensive building construction measures .


4.2.6 a class of civil engineering background radon concentrations above the surrounding non- tectonic fault zone five times or more, the soil should be carried out engineering point of radium , thorium, potassium specific activity determination . When the inner or outer photo index greater than 1.0 according to indices greater than 1.3 , the project site shall be backfilled soil .


4.3.1 a class project must be Class A inorganic nonmetallic materials and decoration materials .


4.3.3 a class project must E1 class interior decoration artificial board and artificial wood finishes .


4.3.10 used in interior decoration wood flooring and other wood materials, prohibited the use of asphalt corrosion, moisture treatment agent.


4.3.11 flame retardants, concrete admixtures of ammonia emissions should not exceed 0.10%.


5.1.2 The construction and decoration materials approach test , does not meet the design and requirements of this specification is prohibited.


5.2.1 inorganic non-metallic construction and decoration materials must have a radioactive test report.


5.2.2 Interior decoration with artificial wood and artificial wood finishes , there must be free formaldehyde content or emission test report.


5.2.5 decoration with water-based paint , water-based adhesives, water treatment agent must have TVOC, formaldehyde content of the test report ; solvent-based coatings and adhesives must have TVOC, benzene , free TDI ( polyurethane class ) content test report.


5.2.6 Materials of the test items are incomplete or have questions on the test results , the material must be sent to a qualified testing organization for testing, qualified before use .


5.3.3 decoration thinners and solvents , prohibited the use of benzene, industrial benzene, petroleum benzene , heavy benzene and mixed benzene .


5.3.6 prohibited in organic solvents to clean the interior with construction tools .


6.0.4 project acceptance , the need for indoor pollution concentration testing, test results should meet the standard ( see table ) .


6.0.18 When the concentration of indoor environmental pollution all test results are satisfactory , you can determine the engineering indoor environmental quality standards.


6.0.20 unqualified acceptance indoor environmental quality projects put into use is strictly prohibited .


A class of Construction: homes, hospitals , old buildings , kindergartens, school classrooms ;


II Construction: offices, shops , hotels, cultural and entertainment centers , bookstores, libraries, exhibition halls , stadiums, public transportation venues, restaurants , barber shops.